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Weighing Systems

Weighing Systems

Weighing systems come in a variety of types depending on your products being handled, packing speeds, the size of the weight and what you will be doing with the weighed product. We can supply new weighing systems if required or work with existing if an upgrade is not required.


Our sack placing and closing equipment can be supplied with a Pacepacker weighing system or integrated with equipment supplied from another manufacturer. Past installations have included systems from:

  • Tascol Shore.
  • Tong Peal Engineering.
  • Webb Automation.
  • Daumar.
  • Chronos / PremierTech.
  • Medway.
  • Richard Simon.
  • Easiweigh.

and many more, give us a call to see how we can integrate with your system..

Product Determined

Certain products to be weighed and their characteristics, will determine which type of weigher to be used. For example for sand and aggregates a heavy duty belt fed weigher would be best, where as for powders, you may expect to use a weigher fed by a screw conveyor. For free flowing granular materials, such as seed, a gravity weigher could be used.

Nett or Gross

Regardless of how a weighing system is fed, there are two main categories, Gross & Nett. A Gross weigher is where the product is weighed in the sack as it is filled, a Nett weighing system is where the product is weighed in a weigh pan before being released as one batch in to a sack. We always recommend that Nett weighing systems are used where possible as the chance of external interferences are reduced. Packing systems that use Nett weighers are also faster as the next weighment of product can be started before the empty sack is placed on the sack clamp.

Weight Ranges

The typical weighing systems that Pacepacker supply are for filling sacks with 2.5kg through to 50kg and FIBC filling systems weighing typically 1,000kg.

Please see below for some typical weighing systems we have supplied or integrated with, click on the images to view an enlarged view in a new window.


Gross Weighing System For Soil, Compost, Sand & Aggregates.

Pacepacker Gross Weighing System

The weight is measured by a digital controller as the bag is filled with product from a belt feeder. As the desired weight is reached the belt feeder is stopped and any product "in flight" that has not gone in to the sack is caught.


The belt feeder is fed by a bulk hopper and a level probe is used to call for product when it is needed.




Nett Weighing System For Sand & Aggregates.

Tascol Shore BL160 Aggregate Weighing Systems

This picture illustrates three nett weighing systems for sand and aggregates and is part of a fully automated production facility. Product is weighed in a weigh hopper whilst empty bags are placed on to sack clamps, the weighed product is then released.


The weighing systems are being fed by bulk hoppers located outside of the building.






Newtec Multihead Weighing System For Vegetables.

Newtec Multi Lane Weigher With Pacepacker System

We have integrated several of our sack placing and closing systems with Newtec systems. These are multi-lane machines that typical have 8, 10 or 12 weigh pans, the best combination of weigh pan weights are then selected to arrive at the target weight entered. Product is then released onto a cross conveyor and fed to our machinery.




Easiweigh Nett Weigher For 25kg Chocolate Chips With Cooling System

Easi-weigh Nett Weighing System For Chocolate

This system is fully stainless steel food grade and weighs the product in a weigh hopper before releasing it to our sack placing and closing system. The system also has cooling jets to ensure that the chocolate remains fully solid through handling.


Equipment can be mobile to enable it to be used in various locations and to aide cleaning and maintenance processes.





Bulk Hopper Fed FIBC Weighing System

Pacepacker FIBC Weighing Systems

Aswell as weighing smaller amounts of product such (e.g. 5-25kg), we also manufacture weighing systems for filling FIBC bags holding 1,000kg+. These can be as manual or automated as required depending on your requirements.







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Tascol Shore BL160 Weigher With Pacepacker System

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